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About Brotherstwo Builders, LLC

Brotherstwo Builders, LLC was founded in 2022,  The owners, Devon and Brad, are lifelong friends, and have been business partners for almost a decade.  After starting a landscaping company in 2015 and successfully running it for 7 years, it was sold, and Brotherstwo Builders, LLC was born..  In between the landscaping company and Brotherstwo Builders, they worked with a couple of licensed general contractors in the area and decided to go out on their own.  They are trained in carpentry and tile work, and they always perform those tasks themselves, insuring a quality job..  Devon is a resident of Colfax, NC, and when he is not working, he is either playing golf, or spending time with his wife Ashleigh, and his son Waylon.   Brad is a resident of Trinity, NC, and when he is not working, he is also either playing golf, or he is spending time with his wife Kathleen, and his two daughters, Kenzie, and Lilly.  Thank you for taking the time to check out our website, we hope to hear from you soon!

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